Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Pendidikan Ketamadunan dan Cabaran Pembinaan Bangsa Malaysia : Sejauhmanakah Ia mampu Memupuk Nilai-Nilai Jati diri, Persamaan, Toleransi, Persefahaman dan Kejayaan di Kalangan Pelajar Universiti . Satu Perbincangan.
Tolong huraikan...wahaha...assmnt TITAS ku...

Friday, February 12, 2010


1.1 Selain daripada peraturan-peraturan yang terkandung,
pertandingan ini akan dijalankan mengikut Undang-
1.2 Sekiranya berlaku sebarang perselisihan dari segi
pentafsirnya, maka Undang-Undang dalam Bahasa
Inggeris yang terkini akan dipatuhi.
1.3 Kejadian di luar dugaan dan tidak dinyatakan dalam
peraturan berkenaan akan diputuskan seperti berikut :-
1.3.1 Sebarang kejadian akan diputuskan berasaskan
1.3.2 Sebarang persoalan teknikal akan diputuskan
berasas kepada Undang-Undang Kesatuan
Olahraga Amatur Malaysia (KOAM).

Huh! nih sumer tempias sakit demam assmnt PJ ar nih..
mengapakah sye termasuk dalam kalanagn mereka2 di PISMP PJ/BI/BM di IPG Kampus Darulaman nh...
letih daaa....

Jge diri, Hiasi peribadi...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Example of Reflective Writing

Name: Nurul Fazlin binti Ramli

Class: PISMP PJ (SEM 1)

Subject: ELP

Reflective Writing

ELP is on of the main subject that we have to take during our course. This semester, we have to do a forum based on a topic given by our lecturer. Every group stands of three or four members. Based on the topic given, we have to search for the information related. Using the information, prepare a text and essay for the forum that will be present by the group members.

My group stands of four members. They are Mohd Zakry b. Ramli, Hafizah bt. Mustaffa, Farah Shahela bt. Abd Aziz and I, Nurul Fazlin bt. Ramli. We had given the topic entitled Insufficient Effort to Reduce Pollution. We started to work on the task by dividing the task into four parts. All of us got different work to make our work easier. Firstly, we went to find out the information through the internet. Then, we also find some books that related to our topic from the library. Besides that, we use to find out the news related from the news papers. After we a week, we got quite many information from many resources. We started to discuss about the topic and made the decisions on the task. Our group members gathered at the cafeteria and our discussion was run smoothly. I was very glad because many of our friends from other group came and helped us to solve some problems encountered. Thank you to all of my friends. By the way, my group members and I also sometimes managed to help our friends from other groups. Besides the helping hand from our friends, our lecturer also had helped us a lot. We were very thankful to her. The problems that we encountered were about the information that we got from the internet. We can conclude about the topic at all. Actually, we also did not get enough information and this made us difficult to discuss about it. On top of that, we did not have enough time to complete this task because of many other assignment that have to be submitted in the same week. We also have to go to the school orientation week for the following week after the presentation of the forum. But, we were very thankful because we manage to handle all the problems.

For the implementation of the task, we faced two types of preparation. We prepared for the forum and also the making of the text for the forum. For the forum, we discussed who will be the moderator and who will be the panelist. As Zakri got many point, we decided that be will be the moderator and the other three members will be the panelist. I had got the topic of the air pollution. From the points, I elaborate the points to make a text. I felt very excited to make the forum. I also felt very glad because all of my friends played their role very well. I hope I can improve my proficiency in talking to the audience.

After I had gone through the whole task, I think the most difficult part was the part of presenting the forum. I had to face the audience and interrupt the other panelist. I thank to Zakry, Hafizah and Farah because they had helped me a lot in giving the contents to talk about. From the task, I learn how to tolerate with other people, how to work in group and also to complete the task on time. Based on my experience, I think that I have to work harder to make sure that I can complete my work successfully. The lecturer and all my friends also had influenced me a lot to make a good work. Thank you to all of u. I hope you all can guide always.

Thank you.

* This is an example of reflective writing.

Thats all i can help u...;)

C u,

Miss u,

Jge diri, Hiasi peribadi...